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About us

Lithuanian capital joint-stock company Vestchema was established in 2001. Since 2006 our main activity has become the distributing of paper, laminates, and films for printing and packaging with various purposes and properties.

Since then, our company has been one of the largest distributors of roll paper in the region. To satisfy all our customers' - from the largest to the smallest - expectations and willing to become even more flexible, we are keeping our vehicle fleet, so from two warehouses in Vilnius and Klaipeda, where we store about 3,000 tons of basic materials for printing and packaging, the goods in Lithuania can be delivered in a few hours. In the region - in a couple of working days!

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Traditionally, unbleached Kraft paper is made from 100% unbleached softwood (spruce, pine, or larch) pulp. Demanding cheaper ecological alternatives to the market, we would like to introduce Ilim Lite and Ilim Shopper :Unbleached Kraft paper (MF Smoothness) made out of a unique and optimal 100% blend of unbleached softwood and deciduous pulp